Opportunity Imaged by HiRISE
Opportunity Imaged by HiRISE
ESP_011765_1780  Science Theme: Future Exploration/Landing Sites
This subimage, about 400 meters across, shows the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity (circled at lower left).

The image was taken during the afternoon of Opportunity's 1783rd sol (Mars day) on the Red Planet. Opportunity had driven 130 meters on the previous sol; wheel tracks are visible crossing dark ripples to the upper right of the rover. The ripples, which trend mostly north-south in this area, can be easily crossed by the rover unless they are very large (such as those right of center).

The availability of HiRISE images of the terrain that Opportunity is crossing allow traverses to be planned in detail, avoiding potential hazards and targeting features of interest (such as the small craters below and left of center). HiRISE images are routinely used by the Opportunity operations team for these purposes, and to plan the route to distant Endeavour Crater, the long-term goal of Opportunity's mission, about 17 kilometers to the southeast.

Opportunity has been exploring Mars for over 5 (Earth) years; it will probably take another two years to reach Endeavour.

Written by: Ken Herkenhoff  (4 March 2009)

This is a stereo pair with ESP_012820_1780.
Acquisition date
29 January 2009

Local Mars time

Latitude (centered)

Longitude (East)

Spacecraft altitude
269.9 km (167.7 miles)

Original image scale range
27.6 cm/pixel (with 1 x 1 binning) so objects ~83 cm across are resolved

Map projected scale
25 cm/pixel and North is up

Map projection

Emission angle

Phase angle

Solar incidence angle
57°, with the Sun about 33° above the horizon

Solar longitude
200.0°, Northern Autumn

For non-map projected images
North azimuth:  97°
Sub-solar azimuth:  356.3°
Black and white
map projected  non-map

IRB color
map projected  non-map

Merged IRB
map projected

Merged RGB
map projected

RGB color
non-map projected

Black and white
map-projected   (625MB)

IRB color
map-projected   (386MB)

Black and white
map-projected  (269MB)
non-map           (349MB)

IRB color
map projected  (110MB)
non-map           (398MB)

Merged IRB
map projected  (193MB)

Merged RGB
map-projected  (184MB)

RGB color
non map           (393MB)
Map-projected, reduced-resolution
Full resolution JP2 download
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B&W label
Color label
Merged IRB label
Merged RGB label
EDR products

IRB: infrared-red-blue
RGB: red-green-blue
About color products (PDF)

Black & white is 5 km across; enhanced color about 1 km
For scale, use JPEG/JP2 black & white map-projected images

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., manages the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington. The HiRISE camera was built by Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation and is operated by the University of Arizona.