Channels to the West of Idaeus Fossae
Channels to the West of Idaeus Fossae

The objective of this observation is to examine a group of channels, one of which one may be part of a wide, ancient river meander. Other features in this region resemble oxbows and cutoffs. Idaeus Fossae is a complex set of channels on the margin of Tempe Terra and Acidalia Planitia.

Faint Traces of Dark Flows
This image shows some faint traces of dark flows along the headwall of an impact crater.

Boundary Condition Controls on the High-Sand-Flux Regions of Mars
It is often unclear where and why sediment is mobile on today’s Mars. A new paper takes a deeper look.

Beautiful Mars, Beautiful Book
It’s the most beautiful book of Mars ever: “Mars: The Pristine Beauty of the Red Planet” is a unique look at the Red Planet by the most powerful camera sent to another world. Order your copy today!