HiRISE: High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment http://uahirise.org Image updates from the HiRISE Camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter en-us editor@uahirise.org (Ari) Wed, 27 Aug 2014 10:30:00 MST Mantled Terrain in the Southern Mid-Latitudeshttp://uahirise.org/ESP_037474_1380The pitted texture suggests that ice is sublimating out from the deposits as the region is warmed under current lower obliquity conditions.A New Impact Crater Near NASA's InSight Landing Regionhttp://uahirise.org/ESP_037328_1845This recent image, acquired to certify a landing site for the mission, shows a distinctive crater with a very sharp rim and dark ejecta.Weird Craterhttp://uahirise.org/ESP_037237_1435This feature has a strange appearance, as if the crater has feet with toes sticking out of two sides.A Possible Landing Site in Aram Dorsum for the ExoMars Roverhttp://uahirise.org/ESP_037030_1880One of the important roles of HiRISE is to take high resolution images of potential landing sites for future landing missions.