HiRISE: High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment http://uahirise.org Image updates from the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA) en-us editor@uahirise.org (Ari) Tue, 15 Sept 2015 12:00:00 MST Light-Toned Layers in Tithonium Chasmahttp://uahirise.org/ESP_041886_1755Approximately 800 kilometers long, Tithonium Chasma is part of the massive Valles Marineris canyon system.Ridge and Talus in Lycus Sulcihttp://uahirise.org/ESP_041901_2065This image nicely captures several influential geologic processes that have shaped the landscape of Lycus Sulci.Yardang-Sculpted Deposits from Apollonaris Paterahttp://uahirise.org/ESP_041929_1675We see here a terrain with an incredible morphologic dichotomy: a relatively smooth region that transitions into sharp ridges. HiRISE is now available in Welsh http://uahirise.org/cy We have now added resources in the Welsh language, including a Tumblr and Twitter feed. These are the first and only resources from an active NASA mission in the Welsh language. BeautifulMars Comes to Beautiful Wales http://www.uahirise.org/epo/beautiful-mars/welsh/ One of our Project volunteers describes why she wanted to help us create our new resources in Welsh.