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Hundreds of papers have been published that utilize HiRISE Data. Below is a list of refereed papers that contain “HiRISE” in the abstract, extracted from NASA ADS

Soare, R. J., Conway, S. J., Pearce, G. D., Dohm, J. M., Grindrod, P. M. Icarus 225 Possible crater-based pingos, paleolakes and periglacial landscapes at the high latitudes of Utopia Planitia, Mars 2013Icar..225..971S 2013

Pommerol, A., Appéré, T., Portyankina, G., Aye, K.-M., Thomas, N., Hansen, C. J. Icarus 225 Observations of the northern seasonal polar cap on Mars III: CRISM/HiRISE observations of spring sublimation 2013Icar..225..911P 2013

Portyankina, G., Pommerol, A., Aye, K.-M., Hansen, C. J., Thomas, N. Icarus 225 Observations of the northern seasonal polar cap on Mars II: HiRISE photometric analysis of evolution of northern polar dunes in spring 2013Icar..225..898P 2013

Stack, K. M., Grotzinger, J. P., Milliken, R. E. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 118 Bed thickness distributions on Mars: An orbital perspective 2013JGRE..118.1323S 2013

McKeown, N. K., Bishop, J. L., Silver, E. A. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 118 Variability of rock texture and morphology correlated with the clay-bearing units at Mawrth Vallis, Mars 2013JGRE..118.1245M 2013

Atwood-Stone, C., McEwen, A. S. Geophysical Research Letters 40 Avalanche slope angles in low-gravity environments from active Martian sand dunes 2013GeoRL..40.2929A 2013

Zalewska (Andrzejewska), N. Planetary and Space Science 78 Hellas Planitia as a potential site of sedimentary minerals 2013P&SS...78...25Z 2013

Thomas, R. J. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 118 Identification of possible recent water/lava source vents in the Cerberus plains: Stratigraphic andcrater count age constraints 2013JGRE..118..789T 2013

Barata, T., Alves, E. I., Machado, A., Barberes, G. A. Planetary and Space Science 72 Characterization of palimpsest craters on Mars 2012P&SS...72...62B 2012

Machado, A., Barata, T., Ivo Alves, E., Cunha, P. P. Planetary and Space Science 72 Mars periglacial punctual features analyses 2012P&SS...72...53M 2012

Jouannic, G., Gargani, J., Costard, F., Ori, G. G., Marmo, C., Schmidt, F., Lucas, A. Planetary and Space Science 71 Morphological and mechanical characterization of gullies in a periglacial environment: The case of the Russell crater dune (Mars) 2012P&SS...71...38J 2012

Beyer, R. A., Kirk, R. L. Space Science Reviews 170 Meter-Scale Slopes of Candidate MSL Landing Sites from Point Photoclinometry 2012SSRv..170..775B 2012

Grotzinger, J. P., Crisp, J., Vasavada, A. R., Anderson, R. C., Baker, C. J., Barry, R., Blake, D. F., Conrad, P., Edgett, K. S., Ferdowski, B., Gellert, R., Gilbert, J. B., Golombek, M., Gómez-Elvira, J., Hassler, D. M., Jandura, L., Litvak, M., Mahaffy, P., Maki, J., Meyer, M., Malin, M. C., Mitrofanov, I., Simmonds, J. J., Vaniman, D., Welch, R. V., Wiens, R. C. Space Science Reviews 170 Mars Science Laboratory Mission and Science Investigation 2012SSRv..170....5G 2012

Statella, T., Pina, P., da Silva, E. A. Planetary and Space Science 70 Image processing algorithm for the identification of Martian dust devil tracks in MOC and HiRISE images 2012P&SS...70...46S 2012

Quantin, C., Flahaut, J., Clenet, H., Allemand, P., Thomas, P. Icarus 221 Composition and structures of the subsurface in the vicinity of Valles Marineris as revealed by central uplifts of impact craters 2012Icar..221..436Q 2012

Flahaut, J., Quantin, C., Clenet, H., Allemand, P., Mustard, J. F., Thomas, P. Icarus 221 Pristine Noachian crust and key geologic transitions in the lower walls of Valles Marineris: Insights into early igneous processes on Mars 2012Icar..221..420F 2012

Sefton-Nash, E., Catling, D. C., Wood, S. E., Grindrod, P. M., Teanby, N. A. Icarus 221 Topographic, spectral and thermal inertia analysis of interior layered deposits in Iani Chaos, Mars 2012Icar..221...20S 2012

Huang, J., Edwards, C. S., Horgan, B. H. N., Christensen, P. R., Kraft, M. D., Xiao, L. Geophysical Research Letters 39 Identification and mapping of dikes with relatively primitive compositions in Thaumasia Planum on Mars: Implications for Tharsis volcanism and the opening of Valles Marineris 2012GeoRL..3917201H 2012

Kereszturi, A. Planetary and Space Science 67 Crater wall outcrop analysis for targeting subsurface sampling on Mars 2012P&SS...67...14K 2012

Weitz, C. M., Noe Dobrea, E. Z., Lane, M. D., Knudson, A. T. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 117 Geologic relationships between gray hematite, sulfates, and clays in Capri Chasma 2012JGRE..117.0J09W 2012

Wulf, G., Poelchau, M. H., Kenkmann, T. Icarus 220 Structural asymmetry in martian impact craters as an indicator for an impact trajectory 2012Icar..220..194W 2012

Dundas, C. M., Diniega, S., Hansen, C. J., Byrne, S., McEwen, A. S. Icarus 220 Seasonal activity and morphological changes in martian gullies 2012Icar..220..124D 2012

Limaye, A. B. S., Aharonson, O., Perron, J. T. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 117 Detailed stratigraphy and bed thickness of the Mars north and south polar layered deposits 2012JGRE..117.6009L 2012

Levy, J. Icarus 219 Hydrological characteristics of recurrent slope lineae on Mars: Evidence for liquid flow through regolith and comparisons with Antarctic terrestrial analogs 2012Icar..219....1L 2012

Horgan, B. H. N., Bell, J. F., III Geophysical Research Letters 39 Seasonally active slipface avalanches in the north polar sand sea of Mars: Evidence for a wind-related origin 2012GeoRL..39.9201H 2012

Thollot, P., Mangold, N., Ansan, V., Le Mouélic, S., Milliken, R. E., Bishop, J. L., Weitz, C. M., Roach, L. H., Mustard, J. F., Murchie, S. L. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 117 Most Mars minerals in a nutshell: Various alteration phases formed in a single environment in Noctis Labyrinthus 2012JGRE..117.0J06T 2012

Lefort, A., Burr, D. M., Beyer, R. A., Howard, A. D. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 117 Inverted fluvial features in the Aeolis-Zephyria Plana, western Medusae Fossae Formation, Mars: Evidence for post-formation modification 2012JGRE..117.3007L 2012

Le Deit, L., Flahaut, J., Quantin, C., Hauber, E., Mège, D., Bourgeois, O., Gurgurewicz, J., Massé, M., Jaumann, R. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 117 Extensive surface pedogenic alteration of the Martian Noachian crust suggested by plateau phyllosilicates around Valles Marineris 2012JGRE..117.0J05L 2012

Johnsson, A., Reiss, D., Hauber, E., Zanetti, M., Hiesinger, H., Johansson, L., Olvmo, M. Icarus 218 Periglacial mass-wasting landforms on Mars suggestive of transient liquid water in the recent past: Insights from solifluction lobes on Svalbard 2012Icar..218..489J 2012

Grindrod, P. M., West, M., Warner, N. H., Gupta, S. Icarus 218 Formation of an Hesperian-aged sedimentary basin containing phyllosilicates in Coprates Catena, Mars 2012Icar..218..178G 2012

Ivanov, M. A., Hiesinger, H., Erkeling, G., Hielscher, F. J., Reiss, D. Icarus 218 Major episodes of geologic history of Isidis Planitia on Mars 2012Icar..218...24I 2012

Roberts, G. P., Matthews, B., Bristow, C., Guerrieri, L., Vetterlein, J. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 117 Possible evidence of paleomarsquakes from fallen boulder populations, Cerberus Fossae, Mars 2012JGRE..117.2009R 2012

Portyankina, G., Pommerol, A., Aye, K.-M., Hansen, C. J., Thomas, N. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 117 Polygonal cracks in the seasonal semi-translucent CO2 ice layer in Martian polar areas 2012JGRE..117.2006P 2012

Petrova, E. V., Hoekzema, N. M., Markiewicz, W. J., Thomas, N., Stenzel, O. J. Planetary and Space Science 60 Optical depth of the Martian atmosphere and surface albedo from high-resolution orbiter images 2012P&SS...60..287P 2012

Séjourné, A., Costard, F., Gargani, J., Soare, R. J., Marmo, C. Planetary and Space Science 60 Evidence of an eolian ice-rich and stratified permafrost in Utopia Planitia, Mars 2012P&SS...60..248S 2012

Willmes, M., Reiss, D., Hiesinger, H., Zanetti, M. Planetary and Space Science 60 Surface age of the ice-dust mantle deposit in Malea Planum, Mars 2012P&SS...60..199W 2012

Choi, D. S., Dundas, C. M. Geophysical Research Letters 38 Measurements of Martian dust devil winds with HiRISE 2011GeoRL..3824206C 2011

Spagnuolo, M. G., Rossi, A. P., Hauber, E., van Gasselt, S. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 312 Recent tectonics and subsidence on Mars: Hints from Aureum Chaos 2011E&PSL.312...13S 2011

Feldman, W. C., Pathare, A., Maurice, S., Prettyman, T. H., Lawrence, D. J., Milliken, R. E., Travis, B. J. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 116 Mars Odyssey neutron data: 2. Search for buried excess water ice deposits at nonpolar latitudes on Mars 2011JGRE..11611009F 2011

Orloff, T., Kreslavsky, M., Asphaug, E., Korteniemi, J. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 116 Boulder movement at high northern latitudes of Mars 2011JGRE..11611006O 2011

Ulrich, M., Hauber, E., Herzschuh, U., Härtel, S., Schirrmeister, L. Geomorphology 134 Polygon pattern geomorphometry on Svalbard (Norway) and western Utopia Planitia (Mars) using high-resolution stereo remote-sensing data 2011Geomo.134..197U 2011

Kereszturi, A., Möhlmann, D., Berczi, S., Horvath, A., Sik, A., Szathmary, E. Planetary and Space Science 59 Possible role of brines in the darkening and flow-like features on the Martian polar dunes based on HiRISE images 2011P&SS...59.1413K 2011

Thomas, N., Stelter, R., Ivanov, A., Bridges, N. T., Herkenhoff, K. E., McEwen, A. S. Planetary and Space Science 59 Spectral heterogeneity on Phobos and Deimos: HiRISE observations and comparisons to Mars Pathfinder results 2011P&SS...59.1281T 2011

Kite, E. S., Rafkin, S., Michaels, T. I., Dietrich, W. E., Manga, M. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 116 Chaos terrain, storms, and past climate on Mars 2011JGRE..11610002K 2011

Grindrod, P. M., Fawcett, S. A. Geophysical Research Letters 38 Possible climate-related signals in high-resolution topography of lobate debris aprons in Tempe Terra, Mars 2011GeoRL..3819201G 2011

Pommerol, A., Portyankina, G., Thomas, N., Aye, K.-M., Hansen, C. J., Vincendon, M., Langevin, Y. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets) 116 Evolution of south seasonal cap during Martian spring: Insights from high-resolution observations by HiRISE and CRISM on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 2011JGRE..116.8007P 2011

Hoekzema, N. M., Garcia-Comas, M., Stenzel, O. J., Petrova, E. V., Thomas, N., Markiewicz, W. J., Gwinner, K., Keller, H. U., Delamere, W. A. Icarus 214 Retrieving optical depth from shadows in orbiter images of Mars 2011Icar..214..447H 2011

Thomson, B. J., Bridges, N. T., Milliken, R., Baldridge, A., Hook, S. J., Crowley, J. K., Marion, G. M., de Souza Filho, C. R., Brown, A. J., Weitz, C. M. Icarus 214 Constraints on the origin and evolution of the layered mound in Gale Crater, Mars using Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter data 2011Icar..214..413T 2011

Rice, M. S., Gupta, S., Bell, J. F., III, Warner, N. H. Geophysical Research Letters 38 Influence of fault-controlled topography on fluvio-deltaic sedimentary systems in Eberswalde crater, Mars 2011GeoRL..3816203R 2011

Li, R., Hwangbo, J., Chen, Y., di, K. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 49 Rigorous Photogrammetric Processing of HiRISE Stereo Imagery for Mars Topographic Mapping 2011ITGRS..49.2558L 2011

Hobbs, S. W., Pain, C. F., Clarke, J. D. A. Icarus 214 Slope morphology of hills at the Mars Pathfinder landing site 2011Icar..214..258H 2011

Toyota, T., Kurita, K., Spiga, A. Planetary and Space Science 59 Distribution and time-variation of spire streaks at Pavonis Mons on Mars 2011P&SS...59..672T 2011

Séjourné, A., Costard, F., Gargani, J., Soare, R. J., Fedorov, A., Marmo, C. Planetary and Space Science 59 Scalloped depressions and small-sized polygons in western Utopia Planitia, Mars: A new formation hypothesis 2011P&SS...59..412S 2011

HiRISE Team, Martínez-Alonso, S., Mellon, M. T., Banks, M. E., Keszthelyi, L. P., McEwen, A. S. Icarus 212 Evidence of volcanic and glacial activity in Chryse and Acidalia Planitiae, Mars 2011Icar..212..597H 2011